Saturday, July 28, 2012

Day 54 and 55: Finding Neverland and First Blood

Finding Neverland

Whose Movie:  Steph's
Rating:  Magical

This movie never fails to make me feel good.  The only difference this time was that it made Matt feel good as well.  It made him very interested in Barrie's story, and it really depressed him when he learned the true fate of the children.  In true fashion, this movie continued the tradition of making me sob in the end.
First Blood

Whose Movie:  Matt's
Rating: Not as bad as I thought

So this movie wasn't exactly how I thought it would be.  I thought it would be more of an action movie.  A lot more guns and explosions.  What it ended up being was a movie that seemed a little ridiculous at first (why would these cops use all these resources on ONE man?), and then grew into something more amazing at the end.  I loved Stallone's performance, especially in that final scene.  I will definitely go into the sequel with an open mind.
Next up: "Rambo: First Blood 2," "Flashdance," and "Follow That Bird."

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